What we do

As an entrepreneur, one of the first lessons you learn is that a lot more goes into starting a business then just following your passion. Customer acquisition, content management, website maintenance, work-life balance, and the list goes on and on and on.  How would you like to weed through the distractions and focus on doing what you love?  This is where Meraki Creative's Empowering Her comes in...


One of the most exciting things about being an entrepreneur is that it requires you to never stop learning. Our goal is to equip our community with all the knowledge they need to have the competitive edge they need to succeed. 


No one said following your dreams had to be a lonely process.  We provide opportunities for female entrepreneurs to take a break from grinding, and get together in a fun, energetic, and authentic atmosphere.


Our community members continue to wow us by making and doing so many amazing things. We are committed to singing their praises to make sure everyone knows about it.  



'No [wo]man is an island', 'it takes a village', we've all heard the sayings, but those of us starting or growing a company know more then anyone how much these are words to live by.