My Story

Empowering[HER] is my open journal as I take my journey to unlock my inner Queen. I hope this journal helps you identify, acknowledge and unlock ways of coping with and working through some uncomfortable emotions.

I hope my experiences and stories help you uncover ways of dealing with not only the negativities of others but your own negative thoughts and self-sabotage. Often, we wonder why things aren’t going the way we’d like to only to realize that we have become our own stumbling blocks.

Now, who am I to be talking about this let alone offering advice?

Remember this is my journal, but, many of the things I will be discussing are indirect but very relatable. I began journaling after enduring a full day of 3-4 panic attacks. I felt it would get me out of my own head. I was suffering from insomnia so hey, I had all night to think of shit. Soon, I find myself writing almost on a daily basis. Reading back what I wrote as though I’m seeing these word combinations for the very first time, I felt empowered, and I want you to experience that with me.

We tend to be our harshest critics, as you read along, reflect and relate these words to your own life’s situations, you will see that you are a phenomenal being doing an amazing job at living in your truth and working towards your purpose.


My Approach

Empowering[HER] is simply my thoughts out loud. With my 'think out loud' approach, I am hoping to reach and influence my viewers by posting my struggles, triumphs and just overall life experiences. Some posts will be offering advice, sharing my experiences, sharing experiences of others or simply just discussing things that I feel moved by in today's society, medicine, or life as a single mother, graduate, student, or woman overall. There will be times where I post discussions/debates with others.