Speak on You-Unapologetically

“Where have you been?”

“What brought you here?”

“Where are you going?”

If a stranger sits next to you and asks you those three (3) questions, you might think they’re being intrusive. Why? Well its simple, I don’t fucking know them, why the hell is this piece of information important to them? You want my social security while you’re at it?

But in life, these are valid questions…

“Where have you been?”

“What brought you here?”

“Where are you going?”

And let’s get serious, I don’t mean “I went to store this morning, my friend dropped me off here and now I’m waiting for you so we can go to the mall” – that’s not it at all.

Think about it… dig deep!

Have you ever shared a story about a significant moment in your life with someone; trauma for instance – and you chose to share this because you feel it may be relatable, and you’ve already worked through it so you can talk about it now. However, now, they begin to illustrate this skewed version of your life. They think they know you! Oh, now they need to fix you; “Let me work on you, let me help you get over that, I think you’ll have such a better outlook on life if you allow me to hold your hand and lead out of this dark pla……” *flag on the plate* who said I’m still there? You can hold my hand but understand you will lead me nowhere as I did not ask for your guidance, because hear what – where you think I need to be ain’t where I’m trying to go! That woman I just told you about died back there – evolution happened; she stirred some shit up, laid down for a bit and she rose, and she carried herself out of there. Hello, she’s here, nice to meet you.

But, can you understand why that skewed image was created? You missed some major keys!

Ha, “let me work on you”

You are the author of your life. Your stories are yours to tell, no one else’s. So, when you share yourself with people, when you share your stories; after you wrap it up all three (3) of those questions need to be already answered, with conviction. Don’t go around sharing stories about “where you’ve been” when you’re still there, why? Because that’s not where you’ve been that’s where you are and if that’s a dark place, talking about and sharing it with people rather than working on evolving, you will simply prolong your stay there. Don’t tell people your current problems, 20% don’t care and 80% are glad it’s not them. They begin to gossip, so now you’re trying to move past it, but these folks are coming around every day reminding you about the shit “wanting to help” subsequently hindering your growth.

Wherever you end up, at some point and time, somewhere back there, you made a reservation to be there; so be careful because it might not be a five-star hotel with 24-hour room service, sea view and an on-demand masseuse—okay!

There’s nothing wrong with venting, but do so in a constructive way, speak on your life in the most constructive form that you can think of. The tongue is a powerful weapon that we often use not only to hurt each other, on subconsciously and very frequently harm ourselves.

Your choice of transportation should always be your ability to thrive, your ability to overcome the adversities of life because you know how important it is to you that you do this. You know how detrimental it is that you get the fuck up out of where you are, and you can’t just hop in any old ragged car to do so. You have to take your time, build the wheels, then put them to work.

You have to get there, and when you are stopped along the way, and you are asked “where are you going? You have to be ready with that road map, paths highlighted so they know, “I’m going somewhere, does this match up with where you’re headed? Oh nah, alright you have a good one” and you go on about your business. The conversation is done, nothing left to be said, you keep it pushing.

Your best story will be your success story, and when you tell it you’re going to have a cluster fuck of folks going on and on about where you came from and how you got where you are.

But you know what they won’t be able to say?

That you didn’t make it --- that your wheels fell off, so you said fuck all of this and hitched a ride backwards.

Nah, you did it. They can’t repeat your story without speaking on that warrior attitude you have, that you didn’t waste time. That they laughed and clowned you, for pushing that car along on 3 wheels. They can’t conclude that with “she gave up”.

“Where have you been?”

“What brought you here?”

“Where are you going?”

Get quiet, think about it and answer when you are ready.

Answer when you can tell it all not only with conviction but with a genuine infectious smile that you are proud of.

Do that shit on a platform, let them hear you all the way in the back – you fucking did that.

Keep going, it’s all on you <3

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